Rubber Flooring

rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is now available in a combination of studded and many other profiles bringing the customer the largest range of design, patterns and colours. Rubber flooring is available as tiles or sheet and as you might expect, it's very flexible, and can be used in an infinite number of ways where no other floor finish can.

As rubber floor coverings are designed to withstand extreme foot traffic, rubber is suitable for commercial applications such as airports, railway platforms, schools, hospitals and department stores. It is homogeneous in construction and provides greater wear resistance, durability and low maintenance.

Rubber flooring is soft underfoot and provides a comfortable anti-fatigue surface which. is particularly important for those applications where people are standing on their feet while performing their job such as transit areas, waiting rooms, restaurants, bars, gyms, and shopping malls.

Rubber flooring ensures a safe work environment as it is both slip resistant and fire retardant. Therefore, it is most suitable for disabled facilities, childcare centres and aged care hostels. Additionally, it absorbs sound, is resistant to heavy impact loads, resistant to cigarette burns and chemical spills, 100% recyclable and has colour uniformity.

Rubber is also uniquely formulated with a compound capable of enduring oil, grease and chemicals spills. This means that it can be used in applications where oil, grease and chemicals are constantly present such as food processing facilities, laboratories, car dealerships, and beauty salons.

Rubber is available in the anti static version, made to provide the highest degree of static control in applications where the control of static build-up is of the highest importance such as computer rooms and electronic manufacturing plants.

All rubber products are made with raw materials that are not known to pose any hazard to the environment and to the people during their manufacturing and handling process and rubber is free of asbestos, halogens and PVC.